Lunch & Dinner | Sandwich Box

A sandwich of your choice (from the DELI or GOURMET selection) with a fresh-baked cookie. The following options can be added:
With chips
With a side salad
With chips and a side salad
With a piece of fruit
(Pricing may differ from one location to another.)

Lunch & Dinner | Michel’s Finest

A sandwich platter paired with your choice of one salad served in a bowl for sharing (orders of 10 people or more can split their salad into two varieties). Comes with a platter of sweets complete with cookies, brownies and banana pound cake. (Pricing may differ from one location to another.)

Lunch & Dinner | Sandwich Platter

All sandwiches are cut in half and beautifully arranged on a tray. You can choose from the following options: From DELI selection only
From DELI & GOURMET selection
From GOURMET selection only
With chips / With salad
(Pricing may differ from one location to another.)

Entertaining | Medium or Large Trays

FRESH FRUIT: a beautifully arranged assortment of seasonal fruit.

FRESH VEGETABLES: a delicious assortment of seasonal vegetables served with your choice of dip.

FRUIT AND CHEESE: seasonal fruit served with a selection of fine cheeses.

PARISIAN DELI DELIGHT: our favourite meats and cheeses served with slices of juicy cantaloupe.

Breakfast | Granola & Yogurt Parfait Cup

Vanilla yogurt with granola and mixed berries.
(Pricing may differ from one location to another.)

Breakfast | Platters of Baked Goods

BAKER’S PLATTER: Our favourite fresh-baked goods including croissants, Danishes, bagels and other pastries.

BAGEL PLATTER: fresh-baked bagels. Some locations also offer muffins.

CROISSANT & DANISH PLATTER: fresh-baked croissants and Danishes.

Served with butter, cream cheese and preserves. (Pricing may differ from one location to another.)


To place your order, download the pre-order form below. Fill it out and send it by email to the café of your choice.